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VA Clinic In Rapid Is Getting A Major Upgrade


The US Veterans Affairs clinic in Rapid City is getting a major upgrade.? 


The new VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinic will be 45 thousand square feet. That's almost three times the size of the current facility.? 


Sandra Horsman is director of the VA Black Hills Health Care System. She says the upgrade is vital for veterans. 


“So it's not just about health care. I tell my team if all we did was provide health care, we could do that anywhere in the community. What we do best is all of our staff recognize the challenges and the struggles that our veterans face. And they're different than the average citizen.” 


Horsman served in the Air Force. She’s particularly excited about one new addition. 


“For the first time we're going to be able to incorporate a women's clinic, as opposed to trying to retrofit it. And our women veterans are our fastest and number one growing veteran population.”? 


The clinic will also include mental health treatment, yoga, chiropractic services, physical therapy, and a teaching kitchen.? 


Dream Designs International will build the facility. Hani Shafai is the CEO.  


“The VA staff have been great people to work with. One of the most professional groups that I've ever worked with. I'm excited about giving back to those people who are really given a lot to our country. 


The $ 50 million  clinic is slated to open in early 2023.?