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What Rodeo Means In South Dakota

Courtesy of Jacey Hupp

'In the Moment' has spent the month of June exploring South Dakota rodeo traditions for our monthly SDPB spotlight coverage. We've welcomed cowboys and cowgirls, stock producers, and event producers. We've introduced you to ranch families and competitors, rodeo queens, and bucking horses.

Today, we offer a few highlights, and we're going to zero in on those bucking horses. It's a rich highlight of our rodeo tradition. Let's start our recap by checking in with Dale Christianson. He's a long-time rodeo competitor and professional in South Dakota. He's national director for the state's high school rodeo, and he provides commentary for high school rodeo for SDPB. I asked him by way of introduction to our stories where people should begin if they want to learn more about rodeo.

Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.