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In The Moment: Noem Continues Fight For Fireworks, And Meet The New Democratic Party Exec Director

The South Dakota Democratic Party has hired a new executive director. Beginning Monday June 28, Berk Ehrmantraut will lead the party into the future. Today we discuss his vision for the party.

Marcy Drew is the new education director for South Dakota Public Broadcasting. We explore what it means to be an early learner community.

Is Governor Kristi Noem more concerned about fireworks than she is about South Dakota's vaccination rate? The Dakota Political Junkies analyze the messaging from the governor's office.

We hear from members of the Rosebud Tribe as they discuss community as part of the SDPB Coming Home Initiative.

The story of your town is the story of America. The documentary "Our Towns" shows at the historic State Theatre. We talk about the documentary and South Dakota's role in shaping it.

SDPB's Nate Wek joins us for a sports update. We'll talk about the new Division 1 hockey program at Augustana University and South Dakota baseball athletes on Major League Baseball's Top 250 Prospects List.

Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.