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Mall In Sioux Falls Holds Job Fair During State's Worker Shortage

SDPB / Genna Scott
Francesca’s?boutique manager Michele?Duinkerken stocks clothing hangars.";s:3:

South Dakota's unemployment rate is below 3 percent. But employers still need workers.?There are almost 40,000 advertised job openings in the state, and about 13,000 of those are in Minnehaha County.?? 

That includes the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls.?? 

More than 30 stores?and restaurants?at the Empire Mall are?participating in?a?job fair?to look for employees.?With?summer?months drawing near,?customers will flood the mall.?And?businesses?need?staff?to help with the busy season.??? 

The Empire Mall’s Business and Marketing Development Director?James Payer?the second?says?the mall?is?flourishing. That’s?despite?a temporary?closure?during the pandemic last year.??? 

“We’ve remained very strong. Our numbers are?actually beating?numbers from 2019.?So?our traffic, our shopping trends,?you know,?South Dakota has been open and we’ve been very lucky to have some of our retailers provide their products and services.”?? 

Because of?the increase in mall traffic?and the?need for employees, Francesca’s?boutique manager Michele Duinkerken appreciates the opportunity?to?participate in?the job fair.??

“So it gives us more exposure.?We’re able to get some marketing out in front of our boutique to let people aware of what’s going on right now.”?? 

Throughout the mall, stores have tables set up?with?information?on how to apply.?Some?businesses?are?holding walk-in interviews.??