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'Governor’s Round Dance' Honoring Tribes Is Met By A Small Protest

SDPB / Kyle Ireland
From left: Governor Kristi Noem, Secretary Dave Flute, Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden


A few hundred people gathered on the lawn of the Capitol Building to participate in the round dance and to hear from Governor Noem and tribal leaders.  

Noem’s  speech focused on her actions to honor the Native American people. 

“Over the last few years, I have worked with different communities and councils to address issues that are important to all of us. This morning, we shared blessings and thoughts with the tribal leaders who are here today.” 

Noem outlined upcoming plans.  

“Soon, I hope to be able to host ceremonies when our Tribal Nations give their flags to be hung in the Capitol’s rotunda, to honor them and their people.” 

Noem also acknowledged legislative action to emphasize Native American history in the state’s education curriculum.  

While much of the crowd appreciated Governor Noem’s remarks, a group of about a dozen protestors held signs and chanted to exercise their first amendment right. 

One Protestor yells during Governor Noem's speech, “You do not respect the Lakota Nation! You do not respect the Native Nations! You are lying!”

South Dakota Highway Patrol stood between the protesters and the event. The protesters left soon after Governor Noem finished speaking and the dancing began.