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Tell Us A Story: Guns In South Dakota, Ep 3

SDPB / Joshua Haiar

In April, SDPB is spotlighting Guns in South Dakota. We're talking policy and politics, hunting and heritage, fear and fascination. We're also inviting you to share your stories -- with your friends and family, and with us. 

Here is Katie’s story.

“Hi, this is Katie from Sioux Falls. My first real memory of Guns is off when my third grade classmate was shot and killed by his babysitter using my classmates mother's dog and gun that she kept in her bedside table. 

“We had guns in our house, but I had never really thought about them. and later when my sister took hunter safety and went out hunting with some friends and my dad I just never showed an interest and it hasn't been until I became an adult that I've connected my disinterest in guns and my current dislike of guns To that classmate being shot and killed. 

“And now it makes me as a parent concerned about my children spending time in people's homes who have guns. 

“Which is almost just an assumption in South Dakota. Thanks.”