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COVID Update With Dr. Kurra, And Women Having Babies Later In Life


In the Moment, April 24, 2021 Show 1035.

  • For National Workzone Awareness Week, we discuss Go Orange Day in South Dakota (Wednesday 4/28 ). The day raises awareness regarding the deadly dangers of speeding and distracted driving through work zones.

  • Women are having babies later in life. We discuss a new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association that shows the reproductive life span in women has increased from 35 to 37 reproductive years.

  • Dr. Shankar Kurra from Monument Health joins the show to discuss the latest with Covid 19. Just last week, South Dakota saw the first official case of the P.1 variant, which initiated in Brazil. How does that impact a state still struggling to fight a deadly contagion?

  • This week in 2005, Governor Mike Rounds recommended the images that would appear on the South Dakota commemorative quarter. One side would be Mount Rushmore, the other side a pheasant. A bit more of this story is shared as we take a look at South Dakota History.

  • Images of the Past: A rank-and-file Civil War infantry private, Arthur C. Mellette, the first Governor of South Dakota, became an influential and prominent politician.