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Tell Us A Story: Guns In South Dakota, Ep 2

SDPB / Joshua Haiar

In April, SDPB is spotlighting Guns in South Dakota. We're talking policy and politics, hunting and heritage, fear and fascination. We're also inviting you to share your stories -- with your friends and family, and with us. More on that in a moment.  

First, SDPB's Chris Laughery tells about one of his formative memories. Here's a little background:  Chris was nine years old when the story you are about to hear unfolded. He lived in an urban, working-class neighborhood outside of Chicago Heights in Illinois with his adoptive mother and father. As a kid he liked to play street football in the neighborhood. His dad kept guns in the house, which never seemed like a big deal. But one day, when Chris's parents were away, some older boys knocked on his door.

We want to hear your story. Call us at (605) 951-0740.  You can find all our Spotlight coverage on our website at


Chris is a producer for In the Moment.