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FRONTLINE Discusses "The Virus That Shook The World"

In the Moment, April 23, 2021 Show 1034.

  • Bart Pfankuch - A Reporter's Notebook. He talks about a recent article he wrote about keeping politics and personal bias out of the process develop a new and enhanced civics and history initiative for public K-12 schools across the state.

  • Richard Two Bulls brings the story of the Lakota People’s Law Project purchasing a building a building in McLaughlin,SD, to convert into a teen center. This center will be a safe haven for teens and they also plan to teach teens the Lakota culture but also life skills like making a resume, getting a bank account etc...

  • FRONTLINE documents the first year of the pandemic by talking with the people who experienced it around the globe. We preview FRONTLINE's The Virus that Shook the World.

  • SDPB's Chris Laughery talks about one of his formative memories about guns for our Guns in South Dakota project.

  • Chuck Parkinson and Wes Brown explain the separation of powers and why we have three branches of government on this episode of You and Your Democracy.

  • Levitt in Your Living Room is a musical experience to build community and help audiences connect with upcoming performances at the Levitt in Sioux Falls. Rose Ann Hofland joins us to talk about an upcoming episode featuring the musical stylings of Ranky Tanky is featured this Saturday.