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Can Capitalism & Sustainability Coexist? Plus, Chief Justice Jensen's New Initiative

In the Moment, April 20, 2021 Show 1031.

  • Laurie Gill is South Dakota's secretary of the Department of Social Services. She joins us to discuss the important role that communities play in ending child abuse and neglect.
  • Guns in South Dakota: South Dakota Supreme Court Chief Justice Steven Jensen talks about his new courtroom security initiative.
  • Hunter Lovins is president and co-founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions. She's a champion of sustainable development and is joining the Rapid City Sustainability Committee (virtually) for Earth Day. We compare the traditional role natural resources with the often overlooked services our ecosystem provides.
  • We check in on community events across the state along with the weather forecast.  
  • Steve Hildebrand joins us to remember Walter Mondale.
  • Images of the Past: Justin Blessinger profiles General William Henry Harrison Beadle and his likely involvement with the Underground Railroad.