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Guns in South Dakota: The Second Amendment


In the Moment, April 16, 2021 Show 1029.

  • Mark Blackburn, Dean of Students at Augustana University joins us with perspective on the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis and how reliving the death of George Floyd is impacting communities here at home.

  • We launch our "Guns in South Dakota" project with a conversation about the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Chuck Parkinson and Pam Carriveau discuss the origins of 2A and its modern day interpretations. You can follow our the entire conversation at sdpb.org/spotlight.

  • "Reflections on our relationship with guns in South Dakota" — an audio essay by SDPB's Lori Walsh.

  • SDPB's Brian Gevik explains the state's attitudes about guns in the past vs. modern times.