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What Can Be Done About The National Debt? And Tribes Call On Biden To Stop DAPL

In the Moment, April 12, 2021 Show 1025.

  • SDPB's Lee Strubinger joins us for a behind-the-scenes look at Governor Noem's intentions for a legislative special session and the resistance to her efforts.

  • The national debt has grown a lot over the course the pandemic. Have we taken on too much? What can be done? For today's Monday Macro, macroeconomist Joe Santos helps us understand what this much debt means and how it impacts the economy. Read Joe's full blog about today's subject here.

  • On this day 129 years ago, Meade County Commissioners voted to discontinue bounties on wolves. We hear about livestock loss, wolf eradication, and the elusive Custer Wolf.  

  • SDPB General Manager Julie Overgaard talks about the vision of public broadcasting in conjunction with the Sound Vision Campaign.

  • Images of the Past: SDPB's Brian Gevik and Heather Benson join us to talk about the SDPB Civil War soldiers project and how listeners can share their stories. Find more at