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Analyzing Noem Admin Resignations, And "A Garden Conversation"

Maggie Seidel, Ex-Noem Senior Policy Advisor (left) and Tony Venhuizen, Ex-Noem Chief-of-Staff (Right)

In the Moment, April 7, 2021 Show 1022.

  • Dr. Jill Kruse previews Thursday's On Call with the Prairie Doc®. We talk about what the health of your eyes can tell you about your overall health. 


  • Dakota Political Junkies Tom Dempster and Mike Card discuss the resignation of Maggie Seidel and Tony Venhuizenn, Title IX, and legislation with unintended consequences.


  • South Dakotan Dean Pennel explains the economic, community, and personal toll of a sawmill closurein Hill City, In Their Own Words


  • Nate Wek chats changes to the State Track Meet and the All Nations Football Conference.


  • Artist Lindsay Twa's solo exhibition at the Washington Pavilion. "A Garden Conversation" on display now through May 9th.