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Is Title IX "Threatened" In South Dakota? Plus, Advancements In Medicine During The Pandemic


In the Moment: March 23, 2021 Show 1014.

  • The open Legislature we know today - every bill gets a hearing, and always in public - wasn't always so. Terry Woster (who coverd the state Capitol for four decades) and others explain how closed the Legislature once was, and how it got opened up in Seth Tupper's latest Why is That?

  • In Their Own Words brings us a bill (SB 166) that revises provisions regarding hate crimes by identifying additional groups to a list of those subject to hate crime prosecution.

  • Yesterday, Governor Noem implied Title IX is under attack and proposed a coalition be build to protect fairness in women's sports. Sarah Axelson, senior director at the Women's Sports Foundation, explains what Title IX is and isn't. 

  • Is the pandemic supercharging future advancements in public health, vaccine development, and genetics? Do we have the regulatory framework to deploy these advances fairly, ethically, and wisely? Jamie Metzl is a futurist and the author of the book "Hacking Darwin." Metzl was a featured speaker at the 24th Boe Forum on Public Affairs at Augustana University.