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Gender Incongruence & HB 1217, And A Race Relations Lecture At DWU | In The Moment, Ep. 1009

SDPB's Joshua Haiar

March 16, 2021 Show 1009.

  • Sex and gender may seem to be simple; we are told there are men and there are women. However, according to scientists, medical and mental health professionals, and others who specialize in human development, the reality is much more complicated. Anne Dilenschneider, PhD, LPC-MH, WPATH Certified Gender Specialist, joins us to explain.

  • In Their Own Words then brings us a bill (HB 1217) promoting fairness in women's sports. Critics say the bill targets transgender South Dakotans.

  • Shawn Moore was a police officer in the Twin Cities for 10 years. As senior pastor of Living Spirit United Methodist Church in Minneapolis and an instructor of reconciliation studies at Bethel University and criminal justice and diversity at Metropolitan State University, he continues to work with law enforcement officials in the area of implicit bias training. Moore gives the Dakota Wesleyan University Stark Lecture via livestream at this Thursday night at 7:00.