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Kevin Killer To Become The Next President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

According to the unofficial vote tally from the Oglala Sioux Tribes General Election, Kevin Killer will become the next president of the tribe.

Killer received 2,228 votes edging out incumbent President Julian Bear Runner who got 1,117 votes.

Killer says that as president he hopes to rebuild trust between the Tribal government and the people.

“I think the biggest thing is, you know, rebuilding trust back into our, our process and, you know, this being able to kind of meet people where they're at and even at that means having the conversations in every single district, you know, making sure that the office of the presidency is going to be in all these districts, understanding that, you know, we're going to try to meet people where they're at and begin to understand that, you know, me in order to make really monumental change, we've got to have people's trust. And once they begin to trust and they begin to offer resources.”

Alicia Mousseau won the Tribe’s vice presidency with 1,973 votes to beat out the Tribe’s former president, Bryan Brewer who got 1,512 votes.

The unofficial results for Tribal Council

Pass Creek District

Ron Dubray: 142

James Cross: 117

LaCreek District

Craig Dillon: 98

Cora White Horse: 86

Wakpamni District

Jacqui Siers: 284

Michael Carlow Sr.: 277

Pine Ridge District

George Dreamer: 370

Ella John Carlow: 342

Nakina Mills: 245

Oglala District

Wendell Youngman Jr.: 263

Tyler Yellow Boy: 184

Wounded Knee District

Bernardo Rodriguez Jr.: 190

Garf Steele: 186

Porcupine District

Richard Iron Cloud: 222 

Dave Pourier: 207

Medicine Root District

Ryan Jumping Eagle: 297

Gerald Cournoyer Jr: 263

Austin Watkins: 236

Eagle Nest District

Blaine Little Thunder: 129

Wesley Hawkins Sr.: 103