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Economic Disaster Loans Available For South Dakota Small Businesses Impacted By Drought

United States Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration is providing economic injury disaster loans for South Dakota businesses.  


These loans are available in the southeast part of the state for nonfarm small businesses impacted by the ongoing drought.  


Cynthia Cowell is with the Office of Disaster Assistance at the SBA. She says agricultural drawbacks can have a serious impact on other businesses in the area.  

“So, let’s say you have a grocery store in a small town, and you are unable to get the products that you usually do, this is going to cause a drop in revenue to your store," Cowell explains. "You would then be eligible to apply.” 

Businesses in several other counties in Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska are also eligible.  


Applicants can apply online or by calling SBA Costumer Service.  


The deadline to apply is June 16th of next year.