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FRONTLINE "Policing the Police 2020"


In The Moment … September 15, 2020 Show 902 Hour 2

Days after George Floyd was killed by officers from the Minneapolis Police Department, thousands of people marched in protest ... here in South Dakota. The Rapid City protests included clashes between protestors and self-described supporters of President Trump. The Sioux Falls outcry included violent confrontations with police after nightfall and several arrests. The mayor of Sioux Falls is still Tweeting about support for law enforcement in trying times. 
Why did this death of this man by these officers create such an ongoing response across the nation and here at home? How are calls to "de-fund the police" or "abolish the police" changing the national dialogue? Has progress been made in community policing or police reform? 
Tonight, tune in to SDPB-TV for a new FRONTLINE ... "Policing the Police 2020." Jelani Cobb is a staff writer for the "New Yorker," a journalism professor at Columbia Univesity, and a FRONTLINE correspondent. He joins us now with a preview. 

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