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COVID, Caring, & Conservation


In The Moment … August 4, 2020 Show 873 Hour 1

Remember the early days of the pandemic when it seemed as if the entire world had hit pause? Today as the Sioux Empire Fair rides twirl and the bikers roll in to Sturgis, we reflect on some of the broader, cultural reckonings of COVID-19. What did we rediscover during those early days that's worth keeping in the days ahead? What did we learn about the habits we find essential and nourishing? How did we vow to become better friends, better leaders, and better citizens of the world? Are we living out those values today? Are we feeling the exhaustion of preparing and of caring? 

Today we've invited Stephanie Arne to join us for the conversation. Stephanie is co-founder of the Creative Animal Foundation. She's a professional explorer, speaker, and wildlife educator. And she's a frequent guest on In the Moment.

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