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Police Accountability & Perception


In The Moment … June 2, 2020 Show 829 Hour 2

As the nation continues to experience the fallout from the death of George Floyd and the arrest of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, the incident plays over and over again in our heads. 
Things that could've been done to allow George Floyd those precious breaths of air quickly slipped by and now all that's left are questions about the accountability of those within the Minneapolis P.D. And the perception of police departments, in general, has led to rioting, looting, injuries and even deaths in some of the country's largest cities.
Tom Mrozla is an assistant professor of Criminal Justice at the University of South Dakota. His areas of teaching and research are in policing, police accountability, and police perception. And we welcome him as we take a look at how situations like the George Floyd incident and aftermath may have roots that are deeper than what appears on the surface.

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