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Peaceful Sioux Falls Protest: "March for George Floyd"

In The Moment … June 1, 2020 Show 828 Hour 2

The death of George Floyd last week in Minneapolis weighs heavy on the minds of people all over America. Some of those people gathered for a peaceful rally yesterday in Sioux Falls at Van Eps Park, followed by a "March for George Floyd."
Two of the speakers at yesterday's rally join us to share their message and their hopes for moving ahead with positive change.
Vaney Hariri is a frequent guest on In The Moment. He's the co-founder of Think 3D Solutions in Sioux Falls. He's also a civic leader and an ambassador for the community. We're also joined by Julian Beaudoin, vice president of Establishing Sustainable Connections and the assistant director of the South Dakota African American History Museum. Beaudoin is also a state law enforcement officer.
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