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You Can’t Get COVID From Mosquitoes

SDSU Extension

Mosquito Season is nearly upon us. The good news? You can’t get COVID from Mosquitoes.

“There is currently zero evidence that suggests you can get COVID-19 from a mosquito bite,” says Amanda Bachmann.

Amanda Bachmann is the Pesticide Education and Urban Entomology Field Specialist for SDSU Extension. West Nile Virus is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, Bachmann says extensive research into other corona viruses, like SARS have researchers saying COVID-19 cannot be transmitted by mosquitoes or other insects.

She says when it comes to protecting yourself from West Nile Virus - personal protective equipment and personal responsibility- are key. 

If you’re outdoors early morning or evening, Bachmann says these are the times of day when the mosquito species known for transmitting West Nile are out and South Dakotans need to take precautions.

“As a homeowner, gardener, or somebody who is recreating, (it is important) that you’ve got protective equipment from insect bites and that can be clothing, long sleeve shirts and long pants, and that can also be insect repellent,” Bachmann says.

As an entomologist who spends her days researching insects, Bachmann discourages homeowners from using broad spectrum insecticides as they not only kill mosquitoes, but also many beneficial insects.

“I really recommend a targeted approach where you are taking personal responsibility, putting on that repellent when you’re out when mosquitoes are out and you will help reserve beneficial insects that are also in your yard,” Bachmann says.

Bachmann explains beneficial insects like butterflies and honeybees pollinate our gardens and need our protection.

To learn more about how you can protect yourself and your family from West Nile this summer, visit SDPB.org where you will find links to the South Dakota Department of Health website and CDC guidelines for repellents that work.