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SF Immigrant Community, The Union, & COVID-19

In The Moment ... April 16, 2020 Show 797 Hour 2

The closure of the Smithfield plant in Sioux Falls has sent shockwaves throughout the city as hundreds of people have tested positive for COVID-19. It also sent shockwaves across America as national news organizations have picked up the story, focusing on the plight of essential workers and the potential disruption of the nation's protein supply chain. 
A local group of grassroots community organizers called the South Dakota Dream Coalition has been speaking out on behalf of the workers and family members of Smithfield. We're joined today by Nancy Reynoza and Taneeza Islam. 
We're also joined by Kooper Carraway, president of the Sioux Falls AFL-CIO. He works with the unionized workers at the Smithfield plant in Sioux Falls. 

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