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Humanities Organizations Receive $36K in Grants

South Dakota Humanities Council

The South Dakota Humanities Council is awarding $36,000 in grants to eight humanities-based organizations. The new programs funded by these grants are launching in the coming months.


Grants from the council are given out twice a year to fund new programs to expand education of the humanities in South Dakota. Applicants must be a non-profit and have the humanities as a central focus to its events or research.


Ann Volin is the Executive Director of the Humanities Council. She says it’s thrilling to see an increase in open discussion of the humanities.


“It’s especially exciting when you see something that’s new and that is a new way of providing support for the humanities and opening up information and the opportunities for people to tap into the humanities that wasn’t there before," Volin said.


One of the recipients of this grant money is the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls and its “Performance Insights” series. This provides the opportunity for the public to attend theatre productions and participate in a discussion about the show.


Debbie Jones is a Coordinator for Performance Insights. She says this event is an educational opportunity to learn more about the performing arts.


“I think the more you know about a show and about a story, it increases that impact," Jones said. "Theatre in general is just a great venue for conversation and for opening up opportunities to discuss different parts of the world that you may not experience otherwise.”


The Pavilion is receiving just over $1,300 in funding from the council.


The Performance Insights shows will run at the Washington Pavilion from January to May.