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Iranian General Soleimani Dead. Now What?

Chris Laughery
Tim Schorn, Ph.D.

In The Moment ... January 7, 2020 Show 728 Hour 2

The assassination of Iranian General Soleimani comes only a few weeks after the House passed a $738 billion military budget that omitted a number of provisions to limit the President's military powers to go to war with Iran, and the release of the "Afghanistan Papers," which reveal we've made little progress during our $1 trillion, 19-year occupation in the region.
So, while some celebrate the death of Soleimani, others find themselves feeling jaded with America's strategy, or lack thereof, in the middle-east. To help us get a better picture of what is going on and what it all means, we welcome back USD's Director of International Studies, Dr. Tim Schorn. 

Chris is a producer for In the Moment.
Joshua is the business and economics reporter with SDPB News.