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Game, Fish, and Parks offering registration for depredation hunts

Game, Fish, and Parks

South Dakota hunters can sign up for an extended deer, elk and turkey season to reduce wildlife damage on private property. The Game, Fish, and Parks department may offer the season later this winter. 

The program registers hunters to help manage the impact of wildlife on agricultural acres and remove unwanted animals. 

Keith Fisk manages the program. He said that so-called depredation hunts are an effective tool. 

"The hunting pressure that’s created on that property helps push those deer away from that immediate area, maybe they have a food source or stay back, away from the area if there’s a problem," Fisk said. "It also creates a good opportunity for recreational hunters to take advantage of an extended season.”

Fisk says depredation hunts are time-sensitive because deer and elk populations increase in the winter months.

Hunters interested in registering can sign up for hunts in up to 10 counties.