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Non Profit Certification Programs Coming To SD


The South Dakota Community Foundation and the Numad Group are teaming up to provide continuing education courses for non profit employees. The program helps individuals grow their career and develop relationships. 


The Fundraising School at Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy is providing classes in the state. Matt Ehlman is the Managing Principle at the Numad Group. 


“So the fundraising school offers an internationally recognized professional development program for fund raisers and nonprofit leaders.” 


After a 15 month curriculum, cohorts earn a certificate. That makes them eligible for the Certified Fund Raising Executive, or CFRE program.  


“The only recognized international certificate for fund raisers in the non profit world.” 


Ehlman says nonprofits fill in gaps in the community that the government and for-profit organizations don’t. Nonprofits rely heavily on donor funding.


“So many of our social services are non profit and donors, usually starting locally closest to the nonprofit where the community is at are the ones that support it financially.”


He says this program will further local professionals connections and give them the tools to build philanthropic relationships. 


“Ultimately you have partnerships that will support you both in volunteer hours, financial resources, board membership. Things that nonprofits rely. Individuals to support them so that they can fulfill their mission.”


Ehlman says they’re planning for three groups of 30 cohorts. Applications are available on the South Dakota Gives website.