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Heinert Says Oil Spill Could Pollute Mni Wiconi Rural Water

SD Legislative Research Council

South Dakota's Water Management Board is holding hearings on the Keystone XL pipeline during the week when a Keystone oil spill in North Dakota is making national news.

Reports say 383,000 gallons of oil spilled before containment, contaminating wetlands but not drinking water.

State Senator Troy Heinert told the board on Thursday, Oct. 31, that he's concerned about potential damage to South Dakota's agriculture and tourism industries if water is polluted.

The Water Management Board has added four more days, Dec. 17-20, for hearings in Pierre. Because opponent witnesses have been allowed to cut in line because they're not available later, TC energy still has not completed its case in chief.

SDPB's Victoria Wicks has this report.

Rapid City freelancer Victoria L. Wicks has been producing news for SDPB since August 2007. She Retired from this position in March 2023.
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