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Future Of Farming: SDSU Ag Panel


In The Moment ... October 15, 2019 Show 679 Hour 2

Precision agriculture is a new farming management concept with a general goal of optimizing yields while best preserving one's land and resources. In The Moment has assembled a panel of researchers from the South Dakota State University School of Agriculture to further explain the agricultural process.

David Clay, Ph.D., has been instrumental in developing the Precision Ag Program at SDSU and precision ag at the professional level.

Cheryl Reese, Ph.D., teaches classes in corn, soybean and wheat production that involve the application of precision agriculture. She also farms in Minnesota and integrates precision ag into her operation.

Aaron Franzen, Ph.D., is an engineer who develops sensors related to precision agriculture. He teaches in the ag biosystems area of precision ag.

Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.