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Aircraft activity expected to increase as part of the 114th Fighter Wing readiness exercise

South Dakota Air National Guard

The 114th Fighter Wing of the South Dakota Air National Guard is conducting readiness exercises through the weekend over Joe Foss field.

Sioux Falls residents are expected to notice increased air activity during these drills.

Duane Duimstra is a tech Sargent with the South Dakota Air National Guard. He says these exercises are meant to check the airmen’s skill in case of an emergency.

"Our airmen here are still performing their core tasks, like maintainers, and services are still doing their tasks, but then we’re putting external injects in there," syas Duimstra. "Let’s just say a random attack would happen, they still have to perform their core tasks and get those jets off the ground.”

The airmen are also exercising chemical and nuclear prevention drills.

The exercises will continue in Sioux Falls until Sunday.