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Flood Evacuations For Montrose

Parts of McCook County are currently flooding. Officials with the Emergency Operations Center report sections of Montrose near the East Fork Vermilion River have been evacuated and surrounding highways are shut down. Paul Klaudt is the mayor of Montrose, a town of about 500 people. 

“Well the water’s just been rising in the football field and the softball field. The water’s coming it’s flowing South and there’s a lot of it. It’s out of the bank. It’s out of the banks of the river and they have the county roads shut down. The fire department is moving around and the gas company, they’re going to turn gas off and electric off to the houses that are really effected.” 

Klaudt says officials are working to prevent the lift station from flooding to keep sewage backup from mixing with flood waters. Montrose is still under a flood warning.