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State heathcare providers promote outdoor activity with Park Prescriptions

Park Rx Website

Healthcare providers are teaming up with the South Dakota Department of Health, Game Fish and Parks, and SDSU Extension to provide exercise prescriptions. 

People can apply for a prescription through the Department of Health and take it to any state park to get a free one-day pass.

Nikki Prosch is a health and physical activity specialist at SDSU Extension. She says time spent outdoors has positive effects on both the body and mind.

"Being outside, and being physically active outside, can promote some additional health benefits to engaging in physical activity outdoors," says Prosch. "You’re going to a park somewhere where there’s going to be people, it can help increase some of those social interactions while you’re out and about in the park.”

Prosch says over 100 healthcare providers and medical professionals are now involved in giving prescriptions.

This is part of a national outdoor prescription movement sponsored by the National Park Service.

Residents and healthcare providers are encouraged to visit the Healthy S-D website to apply for the program.