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Group Working On Jacob Wetterling Documentary; Crowd-Funding Campaign Underway

Chris Newberry

   A documentary on a kidnapping mystery that covered more than a quarter-century is in the works in Minnesota.  The film looks at the 19-89 abduction of Jacob Wetterling and the search for what happened to him.  Chris Newberry is director of the film.  Newberry was growing up in the Twin Cities when the kidnapping took place.

    “And I remember it really well," Newberry says.  "It really impacted me and people around me.  It’s just something that’s stuck here with us all in this part of the country for a long time.  You know, a few years ago, when I was looking for what my next project  would be—it happened to be around the wake of the 25-year mark of Jacob’s adjustment, and of course, it was still a big mystery, what happened to Jacob.”

   Wetterling’s body was found not far from his home in central Minnesota, and his killer is in custody.  Newberry says Jacob’s family has a prominent role in the film.

   Newberry says, “There was always an open door for us—there was some trust-building that took place.  They wanted to know that the person doing the film would be respectful.  So I did my best to gain their trust, and it became a mutual thing.”

   Newberry and other crew members have begun an online funding campaign to finish the documentary.  A five-city launching tour will come to four Minnesota cities and to Sioux Falls over the next few weeks.  The Sioux Falls event is scheduled for May 13th at Fernson Brewing.

To participate in the GoFundMe Campaign for the Wetterling Documentary, click on  https://www.gofundme.com/jacobfilm

Information on the launching events is found at https://www.jacobwetterlingfilm.com/trailer-release-parties.html