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SFPD: Two Missing Boys Found Safe

Sioux Falls Police have found two boys who were reported missing. 

SFPD public information officer Sam Clemens says 12-year old Trevor Alford and 11-year-old Adreeyan Bennett-Peleaz were found on Tuesday. 

He says their parents reported that their children were missing Monday night. 

Clemens says there was also a report of a stolen car from northwest Sioux Falls last night where the keys ere left in the vehicle. 

He says a citizen driving on the west side of town later observed an erratic driver on the road. 

"As she passed by, she noticed there was two young kids in the car. One was driving, one was the passenger. She was pretty certain that it was the two runaways and then reported that to police. The two boys were out all night, we're not sure exactly where they were but we had police that were looking for them. And, today, early this afternoon, the two boys were found at Falls Park, the stolen vehicle was found at a different park nearby. We're still kind of operating off the assumption that they had stolen that car and were driving it around and that's where they dumped it. But, we don't have any hard evidence of that yet but we're still looking into that part of it."

Clemens says the first priority for authorities was to find the boys and get them back home. He says officials continue to investigate the matter.