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Thune Discusses The Restoring Internet Freedom Order

In The Moment ... May 17, 2018 Show 339 Hour 1

The debate in Washington over net neutrality is heating up. If Republicans argue that Democrats are embracing poor policy, Democrats argue that Republicans are out of touch with how passionate voters are the topic.

The Trump administration's FCC Chairman has submitted the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, set to take effect on June 11. It essentially dismantles Obama-era regulations that reclassified Internet Service Providers as "common carriers" ... instead of the less heavily regulated "information services."

Though Senate Democrats were able to make progress on blocking the order this week, efforts are likely to stall in the U.S. House.

What does that mean for Americans thirsty for an Internet that remains free of blocked content, throttled speeds, and paid prioritization?

Chris is a producer for In the Moment.