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RCPD Say Shooting Suspect Is In Custody


Rapid City police are investigating a shooting that occurred Wednesday night east of downtown.

Officers say four victims are being treated for gunshot injuries.

Late this morning, officers say they have the suspect under custody.

Police have arrested 28-year-old Dwight Quigley of Rapid City for four counts of attempted murder. Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Columbus Street around 9:45 pm after a report of gunshots.

When cops arrived on the scene they found four victims in a vehicle that had been shot multiple times. They say the vehicle was shot with a .223 semi-automatic rifle at close range. Police say the shot vehicle ran into a light pole and eventually crashed into a ditch.

Police say one of the victims has life threatening injuries.

John Olson is the captain of the criminal investigation division for Rapid City Police. He says police are still searching for a motivation behind the shooting.

“The victims don’t appear to know this person and that’s what we’ve found out so far is that the victims didn’t know him.” Olson says. “From his standpoint, that part’s still under investigation. We’re questioning him currently, trying to find out any motivation, any motivation at all for what appears to be a random act of violence against some unknown people.”

Olson says police have had several incidents with Quigley over the past several years. According to an RCPD press release, that history includes convictions for multiple thefts, burglary and a domestic violence related incident.

He says an incident like this is super rare.

“We have him. We have the weapon. We know that he was in that area,” Olson says. “We’re very comfortable with where the case is going so far and we feel that the public should feel safe and confident in the fact that their police department found their bad guy.”

Police say a K9 was deployed and bit Quigley. He was eventually tasered and handcuffed.

Quigley’s initial court appearance has yet to be set.