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In The Moment ... Lora Hubbel And The Race For Governor

Lori Walsh
Lora Hubbel

In The Moment ... September 28, 2017 Show 187 Hour 2

Welcome back to In the Moment. I'm Lori Walsh. What makes a great governor for the state of South Dakota? What are the most important issues of our day? And who do you think will serve the state well in the coming years? The race to become the 33rd governor of the state has begun. Primary elections fall on June 5, 2018. We've invited each candidate for governor to join us on In the Moment, so you can to know them better. Today we're broadcasting live from the SDPB studios at the University of Sioux Falls, and joining us today is candidate Lora Hubbel.

Chris is a producer for In the Moment.