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In The Moment ... Free College Courses In The Harrisburg School District

In The Moment ... August 28, 2017 Show 165 Hour 1

Students at Harrisburg High School are soon going to be able to participate in an early college program which would allow them to earn college credit at no cost to them while still in high school. Joining us today to expand on this program is Superintendent of the Harrisburg school District Jim Holbeck. Welcome to In The Moment.

The state legislature in 2016 passed a law requiring out-of-state vendors to collect sales taxes from their South Dakota customers. The law is particularly aimed at online sellers. Legislators acknowledged that the law is unconstitutional, and that they instigated it to try to get the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Before the highest court considers hearing it, however, the law and its aftermath have to face scrutiny from the South Dakota Supreme Court. That happens tomorrow, when justices hear oral arguments from both sides.

SDPB’s Victoria Wicks looks into the history of Senate Bill 106 and the arguments laid out in briefs ahead of tomorrow's state Supreme Court session.


Today SDPB’s Andrew Bork speaks with Paul Turman about student loan debt in South Dakota.  Paul is the Vice President for Academic Affairs with the South Dakota Board of Regents.  Topics include the current condition of student loans, what options are available to students, and a new program the Board of Regents hopes will help keep post-secondary education affordable.


Joseph Ward came from New York to the Dakota Territory to spread Congregationalism in the 1860s.  Eventually, he had many irons in the fire.  He became the first president of Yankton College.  And, he worked to gain statehood for the Dakotas.  Ward is the subject of John Andrews feature in the July/August issue of South Dakota Magazine - Joseph Ward/A Lasting Legacy.  Andrews is managing editor of South Dakota Magazine and he joins us in our Vermillion studio.


Chris is a producer for In the Moment.