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In The Moment ... Governor Daugaard And Workforce Development


In The Moment ... August 3, 2017 Show 148 Hour 2

Today in Sioux Falls, the first workshop of the Western Governors' Workforce Development Initiative is underway. It's the central policy initiative of South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard's term as chair of the Western Governors' Association. It seeks to bridge the gap between workers and employers in the west in the hopes of building a more vibrant regional economy. This morning Governor Daugaard addressed the audience. We bring you Governor Daugaard's remarks from this morning.

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If you're watching the way American democracy plays out in 2017 and wondering how to explain things to your children, you might be asking the wrong question. Christopher Phillips is a philosopher, author, and the founder of the Socrates Cafe and Democracy Cafe gatherings. His most recent book is called "The Philosophy of Childing: Unlocking Creativity, Curiosity, and Reason through the Wisdom of our Youngest."


The Rocky Mountain Oyster band re-unites for this weekend's Sioux River Folk Festival. The 38th annual Sioux River Folk Festival is Friday through Sunday at Newton Hills State Park near Canton. We're joined now by band members Tim Coates, Tom Schaefer, and John Danahoe. The band plays throughout the region this weekend, including gigs at the Old Courthouse Museum, Strawbale Winery, and the Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls.