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In The Moment ... Senator John Thune On ACA Repeal And Replace
Senator John Thune

In The Moment ... July 25, 2017 Show 141 Hour 2

Today marks a landmark vote in the Senate regarding health insurance in America. This morning we caught up with Senator John Thune for details on what exactly today's procedural vote means and what happens in the days ahead.

Liz McMillan, manager of research education at Sanford Health, and Yankton High School science teacher Lindsay Kortan join us to discuss genetics, privacy, and children. We talk about what parents need to know about their child’s genetic narrative, and what kinds of ethical questions young people need to consider as the field of genetics continues to evolve.


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Hugh Weber hosts The Potluck Society. This week we meet artist/maker Ashley Rieck for a conversation about traditional arts, the community of makers, and how to find value in the things we make.


Chris is a producer for In the Moment.