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Innovation: Neutrino Day, Girls in Science, and New Experiments


Innovation ... July 7,2017 Hour 2

Neutrino Day is held in Lead, South Dakota because solar neutrinos were discovered there. Bonnie Fleming, a Yale University physics professor and neutrino oscillation researcher, tells Cara how a man named Ray Davis first identified solar neutrinos. She shares why neutrinos will soon be shot from Fermilab in Illinois to the Sanford Underground Research Facility in South Dakota, and addresses the question: Are neutrinos the reason we exist?

Bonnie reveals how to make neutrino research more accessible and common through outreach and collaboration. One of her passions is giving girls the opportunity to become involved with scientific experiments.

Credit Miller Dunwiddie

Mike Headley is the Lab Director of the Sanford Underground Research Facility. He talks about the new construction at the facility, which will enable more enhanced study of neutrinos and facilitate the first detection of dark matter.


Connie Walter is Sanford Lab's Communication Director and she lays out the two-day schedule of festivities for Neutrino Day.


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