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In The Moment ... Thoughts On "Wonder Woman"


In The Moment ... June 19, 2017 Show 117 Hour 1

Wonder Woman has been the subject of scrutiny since her comic book debut in 1941, from her costume to her feminism. So how does this summer's movie match up to the character's origins? Sara Lampert is assistant professor of history and coordinator of the women, gender and sexuality studies program at the University of South Dakota. She spoke with her former student, SDPB's Jackie Hendry, about the movie's relationship with history and gender politics.

Sara Lampert also discussed the unconventional personal and professional life of Wonder Woman's creator, William Moulton Marsten. An extended cut of her conversation with SDPB's Jackie Hendry reveals more about the the original comic's more controversial characteristics and delves deeper into portrayals of women in film.


We continue our conversation about Wonder Woman by taking a look at a character that caught some viewers by pleasant surprise. Actor Eugene Brave Rock plays Chief, a Native American character who speaks Blackfoot and helps Wonder Woman win the day. In his review of the movie on Indian Country Media Network, Arts and Entertainment Editor Vince Schilling shared his reaction to the character. Schilling spoke with SDPB's Jackie Hendry just after he interviewed Eugene Brave Rock.


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The Vindonia Trio

The Vindonia Trio travels the region throughout June bringing Nordic traditional music to audiences in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Joining us in the SDPB studios in Sioux Falls for a Monday Moment in Sound: Susan Syverson, Karin Blom, and Lise Enochsson.