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In The Moment ... June Black Music Month With Dyana Williams

Dyana Williams

In The Moment ... June 15, 2017 Show 115 Hour 2

June is Black Music Month, largely because of the advocacy of Dyana Williams. She wrote legislation and lobbied for Black Music Month’s official Congressional delegation. Williams is a music industry pioneer, host of the radio program Soulful Sunday in Philadelphia. She's also a writer and a media consultant for celebrities and artists. She joins us to honor the cultural, political, and economic impact of one of America’s most dynamic artistic offerings.

South Dakota Humanities Scholar Phyllis Schrag grew up in a small town and never gets tired of sharing stories about it. She joins us to talk about her presentation “Baseball, Preachers and Funerals.” See her at the historic Adams House in Deadwood on Friday at Noon at the historic Adams House in Deadwood.