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In The Moment ... Urban Indianz

In The Moment ... June 12, 2017 Show 112 Hour 1

In South Dakota, natives make up nearly ten percent of just an 860,000-person population. That's a significant percentage and leaves room for much diversity among our state's native people. But...is that diversity being acknowledged when things like this still happen? Today, we welcome the hosts of the  podcast, Urban Indianz: Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, and Char Green.

Credit Chris Laughery
Andrew Reinartz

The 11th annual Dakota Sky Academy began yesterday – it’s got a new name and a new venue. Co-founder Andrew Reinartz joins us from our University of Sioux Falls studio to tell us more.


The Moth has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. That’s right - for 20 years The Moth has been collecting and sharing stories – 25,000 to be exact – all shared live without notes. Maybe you’ve been a fan of The Moth Radio Hour that airs every Sunday night here on SDPB, but did you know The Moth does a lot more than that? Susan Hanson talked with Catherine Burns, the artistic director of The Moth and begins by asking her about the very first Moth event.