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In The Moment ... Moment In Sound With Cole Allen

Steve Zwemke
Cole Allen

In The Moment ... June 9, 2017 Show 111 Hour 1

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Cole Allen is a gifted blues guitarist, fronting his own band - and as Sena Ehrhardt's guitarist.  As a songwriter and vocalist, he also has the gift of being able to tap into the hearts of his listeners. Cole Allen joins us in our Sioux Falls studio.

Graphic design involves creativity, technology and…attention to detail. Artists can spend hours or days sitting at computers while they work on a piece. SDPB’s Chynna Lockett took a look behind one desk to speak with a designer.


How is mental health care for veterans different from services accessed by non-veterans?  And how challenging is it for veterans in a rural state like South Dakota to find the mental health care that they need? Susan Leitheiser is the Mental Health Service Line Director for the Sioux Falls VA Health Care System.  And also with us is Dr. Matthew McDougal, Director of Mental Health Services at the Veterans Administration in Sioux Falls.


Chris is a producer for In the Moment.