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In The Moment ... Revisiting The Ballot Question Process

Emily Wanless

In The Moment ... May 22, 2017 Show 098 Hour 1

South Dakota's ballot question system empowers voters, but also features a controversial influx of out-of-state money. A summer task force is set to evaluate the process. Augustana University political science professor Emily Wanless chairs the South Dakota Legislature's initiative, referendum and constitutional amendment task force. She joins In the Moment to talk about a nonpartisan conversation about direct democracy.

The recent WannaCry cyber attack on business data might have been one of the most devastating in history, but businesses are not helpless in keeping their data safe. We're joined by Theron McChesney, Business Intelligence Specialist for SDN Communications, to discuss how the ransomware attack unfolded in the state and what businesses can do now to protect themselves.

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Ben Lear

American society does not yet know what to do with juveniles accused of violent crime. As lawmakers and advocates wrestle with policy, young men and women (both the victims and the accused) muddle through the maze of crime and punishment. A new film from Independent Lens looks at four young men in a screenwriting class behind bars. It's called "They Call Us Monsters." Filmmaker Ben Lear joins us now to talk about the film.