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SF Mayor Selects Goodroad For Fire Chief

Kealey Bultena
Mayor Mike Huether introduces Division Commander Brad Goodroad.

Division Commander Brad Goodroad is the mayor’s choice for Sioux Falls fire chief. Goodroad is a longtime member of Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. The mayor says he's confident the city council will approve.

From eight fire chief candidates within Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, Mayor Mike Huether selects Brad Goodroad. Huether says Goodroad started working in the department in 1994.

"Firefighter, fire apparatus operator, captain, battalion chief, division chief," Huether says.

Currently Goodroad is acting fire chief. He gained that role in early May after the city announced former leader Jim Sideras’ last day of employment; Sideras faces child pornography charges.

Goodroad says, despite the challenges of recent weeks, Sioux Falls citizens can trust fire rescue teams.

"Most people in this community – once they see us just out doing what we doing, doing our normal community partnership events and being in the public, going on calls – they’re going to be completely confident in what we’re doing and that we’re going to be okay," Goodroad says.

Goodroad says he is never satisfied with the status quo.

"Know from me you’re going to get that push," Goodroad says. "We’re going to be pushing our team to deliver that great service to the community but always be looking for the new ways to do things, new ways to train, innovative ideas, and ways to do more with less, be able to do things, spend less money and do great things."

The mayor appoints a fire chief, and Sioux Falls City Council members advise and consent. They vote June 6. If the council approves, Brad Goodroad becomes fire chief on June 12, 2017.

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