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In The Moment ... Landscapes Of American Prisons

In The Moment ... May 8, 2017 Show 088 Hour 2

Credit Lori Walsh
Dr. Dan Engebretson, Eric Sandhurst and Yangxi Liu

Dr. Dan Engebretson is chair of the biomedical engineering program at the University of South Dakota. He's also director of the GEAR center. He along with Eric Sandhurst and Yangxi Liu join us to talk about Biomaterials Day in Sioux Falls and how South Dakota scientists collaborate to solve problems and mentor the next generation of scientists.

A new documentary from filmmaker Brett Story looks at the sweeping landscape of American prisons. The film does not, however, take you inside prison walls. Instead, we see the impact of incarceration spreading outward, infiltrating life on multiple levels. You can see "Prison in Twelve Landscapes" on Independent Lens. That's on SDPB-TV tonight at 9 central, 8 mountain time. Brett Story is an award-winning nonfiction independent filmmaker based out of Toronto and New York. She joins us to talk about her new film.


Each Monday we bring you a fresh "Images of the Past" segment. Today, South Dakota’s Superwolves. The last free roaming wolves in the State were a real problem in the late 1910s and 1920s. Two in particular took on real outlaw status. Gary Enright from the 1881 Courthouse Museum joins us.


Chris is a producer for In the Moment.