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In The Moment ... Moment In Sound With N.W. Engbers

Lori Walsh
N.W. Engbers

In  The Moment ... March 24, 2017 Show 057 Hour 1

N.W. Engbers is a musician from Sioux Falls. His new EP is called "The Inner World." The songs wrestle with the mysteries of life and death while blending musical styles with honesty and humility. For this week's Moment in Sound, we welcome N.W. Engbers to the SDPB studios in Sioux Falls.

For many of his students, Steve Babbitt is more than a teacher. He's a friend and mentor that guides young adults through their college years and into careers. The Black Hills State photography professor received the Governor's Award in the Arts for Education. SDPB's Chynna Lockett spoke with former photo majors about their experiences and also shares some of her own. Then, In the Moment host Lori Walsh visits with Babbitt about landscape, light, and sending students into the world as professional artists.


Credit Lori Walsh
SD State Poetry Out Loud finalists

The South Dakota Poetry Out Loud State Finals featured students performing memorized works from some of the world's finest poets. It also featured original poetry from a few of South Dakota's finest high school poets.Today we offer you a sample from three of those voices.