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In The Moment ... The Science And History Of The Vernal Equinox

Lori Walsh
Dr. Richard Swanson

In The Moment ... March 20, 2017 Show 053 Hour 2

Dr. Yari Collado-Vega

We welcome the first day of Spring with conversations about the Vernal Equinox. First we talk with NASA scientist Yari Collado-Vega with news from NASA about the dance of the solar system as well as a preview of a major astronomical event in August.

We continue the conversation by asking what the vernal equinox has meant throughout history for humanity. Dr. Richard Swanson is with Augustana University's Religion Department.


SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt joins us with an update of the state basketball championships.


Plus, for this week's Images of the Past, we look back at a very different month of March in state history. This week in 1881 flooding had a major impact on towns like Vermillion and Yankton. With us for more is Crystal Nelson. She's with the Dakota Territorial Museum in Yankton.


Chris is a producer for In the Moment.